I am a results-oriented professional in the field of international migration and programme implementation. Currently, I work as Senior Consultant for IOM-UN Migration. I have held honorary affiliations at the University of Warwick and Goldsmiths, University of London. I am also an Associate Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. 

For Consultation, Research & Insights, Reach me at contact@elsaoommen.com. You can connect with me on LinkedIn here.

‘Hierarchies of privilege’ shape contemporary practices of temporary youth migration, increasingly charted through bilateral schemes (Oommen, 2019)

Keywords: Bilateral temporary mobility arrangements, Youth migration, Knowledge/ High skilled migration, Climate Migration & Sustainable futures,Gender & work, Diversity & work culture, Tourism & migrant labour market

Migration · Gender · Law

Key Areas of Interest

Climate change, migration & sustainable futures

UN Meteorological Organisation has released data that point to unprecedented levels of global warming in the last four years, predicted to get worse, and trigger new waves of human migration. Building collective solutions and policies to manage emerging patterns of climate migration is of utmost importance. 

Gender equality & labour market

Inequality should not be an inevitable reality in daily existence. Although 143 out of 195 countries in the world guarantee gender equality in their constitutions, it has rarely trickled down to equal opportunities for women. It is in this context that research must focus on access to equal opportunities for men and women in the labour market.

Bilateral youth mobility arrangements

The Western world is increasingly moving away from encouraging patterns of permanent migration and settlement of migrants, instead, encouraging routes of temporary migration. Bilateral mobility arrangements lead in such patterns of temporary migration, with annual quota allocation for young migrants. I am particularly interested in exploring patterns of youth mobility between countries at a time when 71 million young people are unemployed around the globe.

Contested citizenship terrains

Citizenship is frequently contested in today’s world where people are fleeing due to hardship, natural disasters, climate change, poverty and conflict. As human mobility gets challenged at physical borders, citizenship terrains gets contested and rewritten. Sub-areas of interest:




For Consultation, Research & Insights, Reach me at contact@elsaoommen.com. You can connect with me on LinkedIn here.