The Story of Migration: Where are we from?

Few phenomena have affected the creation of the contemporary world as crucially as migration. It says something more than numbers, but about the origin of human movements and the shared histories of modern societies that we inhabit.

The International Organisation for Migration hosts an interactive application ‘Where we’re from‘ which helps visualise the human movements across continents and countries and gives an exact picture of the history of international migration.The data for the interactive map was also published by the World Bank in 2013.

IOM Interactive
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The refugee crisis in news now is another important human movement and movement of refugees has been an important facet of creation of the modern world. It is also a time to unite and show the human face of migration when people flee conflict zones to make sure that they survive!

The French philosopher and social theorist-Michael Foucault when asked about Vietnamese refugees in one of the previously untranslated interview from 1979, remarked that it is not only a cause of the past, but also a ‘foreshadowing of the future’.

It is at this juncture of a common future, that we need to turn to collective and fragmented histories of our origin, histories of movement, migration and mobilities.