Why I participated in the women’s march?
This question can only be answered from a reflective standpoint where I first situate myself within the intersecting relations of power that shape my existence. So, that begs the question- Who am I? I am ‘two persons’ in my life in two locations: my current country of residence- UK and my country of origin- India. In... Read More
The Story of Migration: Where are we from?
Few phenomena have affected the creation of the contemporary world as crucially as migration. It says something more than numbers, but about the origin of human movements and the shared histories of modern societies that we inhabit. The International Organisation for Migration hosts an interactive application 'Where we're from' which helps visualise the human movements across continents and... Read More
My Bio in 200 words (or less)…
I worked as a research associate to the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) project on ‘The political economy of migration of women domestic workers’ before pursuing my doctoral research at the University of Warwick. I hold a Master’s degree in Sociology (University of Hyderabad) and a Bachelor's in Economics (University of Madras).  While pursuing my first... Read More
My Teaching in a Paragraph
I am particularly interested teaching on modules which look at topics of social research, gender, race & migration and post-colonial studies.In this academic year (2016-2017), I taught as sessional tutor in two modules of Department of Sociology, University of Warwick. These modules are: Racism and Xenophobia (SO337) Race and the Making of the Modern World (SO122) An... Read More
My Research in a Nutshell
I have conducted and supported research in several capacities on research themes around environmental sustainability, gender and migration. I am currently pursuing doctoral research on gendered patterns of youth travel and mobility to the UK while analysing the Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme to the UK. I am particularly interested in analysing how the state immigration framework shapes young adults’ mobilities... Read More