My Bio in 200 words (or less)…

I have completed my PhD from the University of Warwick, fully funded by Warwick Chancellors International Scholarship. My expertise is in qualitative research, particularly in conducting critical policy analysis, interviews, participant observation and focus (consultation) groups.

I have five years of experience in migration research, in which I have looked at economic migration from the global south, as well as contemporary patterns of transnational migration between countries of the global north.


My Teaching

I have taught in two different educational institutions (University of Warwick and Coventry City College). I have prepared and led seminars on three undergraduate modules at the University of Warwick. I have also worked as a lecturer at the Coventry City College.

An extended list of my teaching assignments in the last three years can be found here.


My Research in a Nutshell

My doctoral research did an extensive qualitative study of the UK’s Points-Based System of immigration, operational since 2008, particularly focussing on temporary migration through Tier-5 route.